The New Yankee Stadium Sucks

I’ve had enough with this place. This is the most overpriced piece of shit stadium of all-time. Last year, I was a fan of the new stadium. Even though it was completely different and lacked the aura of the old ballpark, they sold the fabulous $15 bleacher seats. This allowed real fans who couldn’t pay over $200 for a ticket to watch out beloved team. But of course, this year they had to bump up the bleacher seats to 40 FUCKING DOLLARS. You kiddin’ me! Ever since the old ballpark was torn down, fans at the new park have absolutely sucked. People now come to Yankees games not for baseball, but for the fuck’n “stadium experience.” Who cares about the experience??  Put the Yanks on Randalls Island where the ballfields are covered with hypaodermic needles and trash everywhere. Don’t care. I’d watch them. In the old stadium, the place was filled with the blue collar old-school Yankee fans who bled Yankee baseball. Now you have the rich douchebag kids with their skank girlfriends combined with the uncaring business executives. Worst combination ever.  So for the rest of the summer, I will continue stay far away from this snotty, money-grabbing stadium and continue to watch my Yanks at home with Ken Singleton and Paul O’Neill.

On a side note, Rays are now a game back of the Yanks. Gotta get back on track after a disappointing weekend. With the exception of this Robbie Cano home run, the Yanks flat-out sucked.

4 Responses to “The New Yankee Stadium Sucks”

  1. Shalamanca Says:


  2. im a mets fan. but i got to agree. the new yankee stadium SUCKS. the real yankees fans are all a bunch of smelly assholes on the bus. no wonder they wont let you in the new stadium!

  3. Peter Larsen Says:

    GO YANKEES!!!!!

  4. Peter Larsen Says:


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