Philly Fan Acts Like a D-Bag…Anyone Surprised?

(CBS News) A 21-year-old New Jersey man was sentenced to jail Friday for vomiting on another spectator and his 11-year-old daughter in the stands at a Philadelphia Phillies game. Matthew Clemmens, of Cherry Hill, N.J., pleaded guilty in May to charges of assault, harassment and disorderly conduct and was sentenced to one to three months in jail, two years of probation and 50 hours of community service. The maximum penalty was two years in jail. Clemmens admitted he stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited on Vangelo, an off-duty Easton police captain, and one of Vangelo’s daughters at a Phillies-Nationals game on April 14 at Citizens Bank Park. Clemmens and his friend were spilling beer, cursing and heckling Vangelo and his daughters from the time they arrived at their seats. The police captain’s 15-year-old daughter asked the pair to stop the profanity, and Vangelo complained to security that Clemmens’ friend was spitting, with some of it hitting his younger daughter.  After the friend was ejected, Clemmens was sitting alone behind the Vangelos when he answered his cell phone and said: “I need to do what I need to do. I’m going to get sick,” the prosecutor said.

Ever since I started this blog a half a year ago, I’ve been silent about my feelings toward Philadelphia sports. I wasn’t going to come out of the blue and just start bashing Philly for no good reason. I wasn’t going to be a sore loser and cry about the Eagles pounding the Giants for the past two years. The Eagles have been a flat out a better team in ’08 and ’09. Truth is, I really feel bad for them. Even when I was at the Giants-Eagles game last December in the Meadowlands and had Philly fans laugh in my face all game, I still felt sympathy for them. Face it – Philadelphia teams suck! All of them. And don’t give me that “oh the Phillies have been good lately” bullshit. Yanks destroyed them last year.

But now I have my Philly fan story!!! This dude is the definition of Philadelphia sports. If it was up to me, I would give this guy three years in prison. This action alone has probably psychologically fucked up the 11-year old girl.  Intentionally vomiting on someone?? C’mon! A guy with these kind of sick mind should seriously not walk on this earth for a little while. I can’t believe he only gets three months. What’s even more sick about it was that he puked on a fellow Phillies fan! Not even an fan of the opposing team! That makes this situation even more fucked up. At least with this story, Philadelphia sports can continue to keep their already fabulous reputation.

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