The Only Person Who Can Stop the Yanks From Winning the World Series is Joe Girardi.

I’ll start out by saying how much I hate how All-Star games are managed. If I was managing the American  League all-star team, David Price is giving me 7 strong. Then I have Rafael Soriano in the 8th and Jose Valverde in the 9th. Joe Girardi didn’t manage this game to win it. He managed this game for everyone to get playing time. If winning isn’t your top priority, there’s a good chance you won’t win the game. I don’t give a fuck if the Rays would get pissed off with me if Price throws 100+ pitches. You play to win the game. Having witnessed what was perhaps the worst managed game in all of baseball last night, I’m deeply concerned about the Yankees in the postseason. I honestly believe with the talent the Yanks have this year, a 12 year old who knows nothing about baseball could manage better than Girardi. I get it. Girardi is a numbers guy. But this makes Girardi over-think, just like he did against the Angels a couple of months ago. (

Now I can get into all the awful decisions about last nights game (pinch-run Kinsler for Ortiz in the 9th / Give Arod a chance to tie the game with 2 outs in the 9th / don’t bring in a left specialist to face two right handers with runners on) but I’m not going to. I’m going to look to the future and pray that the Yankees can overcome this clueless manager.

One Response to “The Only Person Who Can Stop the Yanks From Winning the World Series is Joe Girardi.”

  1. His name is Tim Hudson

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