I Freak’n Love This Guy

Best Red Sox fan of all-time. This guy actually has it right!!! Guess what?? The Knicks suck!!! Always have!!! Guess what?? The Rangers suck!!!! It’s so true! Madison Square Garden sucks!!!! Hey Dolan! Go jump off a bridge! You’re a fuck’n douchebag!! You have actually made Madison Square Garden the worst sports arena of all-time! It’s an absolute embarassment!!!!! Who gives a fuck if LeBron goes to Miami?!! Knicks are gonna suck anyway!! Stoudemire and Felton?? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! Just like Dan LeBatard said -> let us prepare ourselves with another decade of irrelevance. Thank you Bill Burr for clarifying that for us. I would want nothing more than to set up a meeting between you and Walsh / Dolan. Maybe you can hit them with some knowledge. And thank you for some Yankees kudos. Long live Bill Burr everyone.

P.S. Thanks Tim King for this video.

– I’m sorry for being completely hammered writing this. Deal with it.

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