Get Joba Chamberlain Off This Team

As the first half of the Yankees season comes to an end, it seems that everything in the organization is working on all cylinders…except for Joba Chamberlain. Winning 6 of 7 games on the west coast would usually put me in a fantastic mood, but that one loss has me concerning about the postseason. With the Yanks up 1-0 in the bottom of 8th against Seattle last night, Joba took the mound to carry this small lead into the hands of Mariano. Instead of doing his job, Joba once against choked little bitch, just like he has all season. It’s never a good thing when you’re 8th inning set-up man has an ERA over 5. Plus, I don’t know if I could even count all the games he has blown!! He absolutely sucks. Completely awful. One of the most overrated players in Yankee history. Did Cashman and Steinbrenner fuck this guy up by moving him back and forth between the starting rotation and the bullpen? Maybe. But who cares. The Yanks did the whole starter-reliever switch-a-roo with Mariano back in ’95. It looks like he overcame the adversity. I just read that Girardi will still hand the ball over to Joba in the 8th with a lead, even though he has shown us he can’t get the job done. I’ve had it with this guy. Even if Joba pitches well down the stretch, would you trust this guy come October? Hell no!! The dude is an absolute choke artist. Put ANYONE else as the set-up man Joe. No more of this Joba bullshit.

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