Knicks Blow Free Agency Chances…Didn’t See That One Coming

With the Amare Stoudemire signing yesterday, the Knicks have once again failed miserably during a prime opportunity to turn the franchise around. This is what always happens with the Knicks. Dolan, Walsh, and the fucking New York media scumbags tease this town with their false rumors about LeBron, Bosh, or any big free agent wanting to come to New York. Of course New York is a prime place for any professional athlete. But the Knicks franchise is so abominable, it’s not worth it for any free agent to come to the Garden. The only reason Stoudemire signed here is because the Knicks gave him a contract so huge that even Amare probably doesn’t believe he deserves it.

This Stoudemire signing is absolutely retarded, unless the Knicks somehow sign a big-time scorer (Wade, LeBron) or trade for a game-changing point guard (Tony Parker). This obviously won’t happen because the Knicks are too stupid to actually make something like this work. If the Knicks play this season with Stoudemire at the 4 with a nobody at the 1, there is no chance this team will make the playoffs, let alone win 35 games. Remember, in Pheonix there’s no Stoudemire without Nash. Let’s not also forget how Stoudemire is injury-prone. Wouldn’t surprise me if Stoudemire gets hurt in the pre-season and has to get knee surgery, which would cost the Knicks $20 million a year for the dude’s rehab. Just awesome.

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