I’m Officially Done With ESPN

I seriously don’t get it. All fuck’n week there has been nothing but spelling bees, soccer, and college softball on ESPN. And I’m not talking about 2AM on a Sunday. I’m talking prime time 6pm-9pm Monday-Friday. ESPN is quickly losing credibility. I have to be honest, I would rather watch a fuck’n Lifetime originial movie then a 12-year old Asian trying to spell. Since when did Spelling Bee’s become a sport?? You’re telling me that this chick deserves air time on ESPN??? Forget about it!!

This network has annoyed the fuck out of me since football season ended. Enough with the LeBron situation and Jim Joyce’s call. We don’t know where LeBron is going until after July 1 so shut the fuck up about it!!! And about  Joyce, it happened and he apologized like a man. Let’s move on. Any network that believes that airing softball, spelling bees, poker and unimportant soccer matches should get off my cable for good. It’s truly sad how ESPN has gotten so shitty over the past ten years. Back in the 90s, this network was the best. Sportscenter had good anchors with actual talent. You can’t tell me that this bullshit they have on now is better than hockey (which hasn’t been on ESPN since 2004.) So for the rest of the summer, I will only watch NBC Sports, YES Network, and MSG to get my sports information. Fuck ESPN. I’m officially taking you off my television till Monday Night Football in September.

While I remember the greatness of ESPN back in the 90s, I will kick this week off with this awesome video from back in the day:

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