Looks Like He’s Innocent

NEW YORK (AP)—A woman has come forward as a defense witness in the sexual assault case against Lawrence Taylor, saying the 16-year-old girl who accused the NFL legend of rape never had sex with him, according to a statement from the woman confirmed Friday by Taylor’s attorney. The 23-year-old woman said in a sworn statement that she accompanied an alleged pimp and the 16-year-old girl to a hotel outside New York City where Taylor was staying. She said the teenager returned to the car with $300 in cash and said: “It was weird … we didn’t even have sex.” “He’s innocent. She’s lying. She wasn’t raped,” she said in the statement. The statement was given to investigators working for the defense team and seen by The Associated Press. Defense attorney Arthur Aidala said he was planning to use the woman’s testimony in the case.

Boom. Case closed. LT is innocent. We can live in peace.

One Response to “Looks Like He’s Innocent”

  1. Steven Brooks Says:

    The author of this website is one of the more bias people when speaking about Lawrence Taylor. Truth me told, right now, Lawrence Taylor isn’t even the most popular LT in the city, that man plays for the best football team in New York, the Jets. Lawrence Taylor will only be popular in the showers of the New York State Penitentiary. The interesting fact that was left out of this latest article by the author was the fact that Lawrence Taylor has already admitted to having sex with this girl. Clearly, a large amount of money has been paid off to the underage prostitute in this situation.

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