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Lawrence Frank is Officially Baller

Posted in Other on April 21, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Wow! Another guy who doesn’t give a f*ck when the camera’s rolling. Love it!!!


Wasted Dude Struggles With Flip Flops

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I absolutely love this. You can see how hard he’s trying to get that flip flop back on his feet. And once you think he’s got it? He looses it again. The best part is at 0:24 when the guy in shorts tries to help him out by kicking the flip flop closer to his hands. I can watch this for hours.

Jo Just Speaking His Mind…

Posted in Misc. on April 21, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Joakim Noah on (city of) Cleveland: “There is nothing going on. It’s bad, man…Cleveland really sucks.”

Nothin’ like a dude who has no filter in press conferences. Hey, if they guy wants to talk sh*t about Cleveland, let him. Face it, Jo grew up in the greatest city in the world and attended the greatest high school of all time. No wonder he thinks Cleveland sucks. It’s funny that these comments have done nothing to do with the Bulls’ series against the Cavs. This is just Joakim speaking his mind. He’s not trying to spark a rivalry with the Cavs or even get LeBron pissed off (which he has done many times on the court). He just wants people to know that he doesn’t like the city of Cleveland. And to be honest, the guy has a point. Jacobs Field is alright and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty sweet. But what else is there?

Well that sucks…

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Crazy stuff happens in the playoffs.

I Want Ronaldo McClain.

Posted in Giants on April 20, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Now when it comes to the NFL draft, I really don’t give a flying f*ck who goes where. I usually look at who was picked first, and who the Giants picked. That’s about it.

(On a side note, why does ESPN always go draft crazy THREE MONTHS before the draft. Literally, as soon as the BCS National Championship is over, Mel Kiper is all over my television screen blabbering something about the BroncosĀ  11th overall pick. Could absolutely care less. I also believe it’s absolute bullsh*t that the NFL draft is getting 90% of Sportscenter’s airtime while the NHL playoffs is just given short highlights. They seriously give Barry Melrose and Matthew Barnaby 20 seconds a night to talk about five playoff games. Really pissing me off.)

The Giants need a linebacker. With Antonio Pierce gone and Osi being a bitch, the GMen don’t have a true leader of the defense. Ronaldo McClain sounds like a guy who I can trust to lead our defense, even as a rookie. He has been involved in a pro-style aggressive 3-4 defense with Nick Saban and can make a smooth transition to the NFL. He was the leader of the national champion Crimson Tide since he was a freshman, plus he’s the overall the best inside linebacker on the board. Other teams that are interested in him are Jacksonville, Miami, Denver and Atlanta, who all pick ahead of the Giants. It seems that the GMen are the most interested in Rolando so hopefully he can fall back a couple of picks. If he’s drafted before the 15th pick, the Giants could draft the solid LB Sean Witherspoon out of Missouri, DE Jason Pierre-Paul out of USF (if the Giants pick Paul, goodbye Osi) or RB C.J Spiler out of Clemson (if picked, goodbye Brandon Jacobs). If the Giants draft any of these players, I’ll be satisfied…but I want Ronaldo McClain.

Another Journalist Writes Why LeBron Shouldn’t Come to New York…Weird.

Posted in Knicks on April 17, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

If I see one more article about why some no-name douchebag believes that LeBron shouldn’t come to the Knicks, I’m gonna flip out. If you seriously believe that New York wouldn’t benefit King James, you obviously haven’t been to this city. If LeBron signs with the Knicks, he will be a GOD in this town. When you are a superstar in New York, you have it made. If you’re a superstar in Cleveland, no one gives a f*ck. Reggie Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, Derek Jeter, Walt Frazier, Mark Messier. These guys ran sh*t in New York. Plus, because the Knicks have enough salary cap space to sign two prime-time players, King James can turn this team around in one season. Add Chris Bosh or Joe Johnson to play as James’ Scottie Pippen and you have a team competing for the top spot in the East. So any other sports writer who believes LeBron shouldn’t come to New York, sh*t the f*ck up and stay in your little unimportant town wherever you are. We all know you’re just bitter that New York has it all and you have jack sh*t. Go cry about it while New York once again becomes the capital of the basketball world.

Bobby Ny “Versus” Promo

Posted in Islanders on April 16, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

I hope everyone is watching this Red Wings-Coyotes game on Versus. Epic battle goin on right now.