Quite possibly the worst draft coverage of all time. One of the reasons I love to watch the draft is the anticipation of Roger Goodell’s announcement of each pick. Instead of waiting for Goodell at the podium, ESPN decided to tell us by showing each player on the phone celebrating a minute beforehand!!!! What a let down! I can count a dozen of 1st round picks where I was anticipating Goodell’s announcement. I would think to myself, “Who’s next?!?!” Then ESPN would show the next pick being congratulated by his family before the announcement, causing all of my anticipation would disappear. Awesome way to keep the fans on their feet ESPN!!! F*ckn douchebags.

Plus how much of a gay is Tim Tebow?! Anyone who self-proclaims their hard work is an absolute peace of sh*t. “One of the reasons the Broncos chose me is because of my hard work and dedication.” Bahahahahaha! Use that hard work and dedication against any linebacker in this league and you’ll be crying your ass back to the Philippines helping kids read and sh*t.

On a happier note, I like Jason Pierre-Paul. I was totally pissed when the Raiders selected Rolando McClain 8th overall and the Bills selected Spiller with the 9th pick, but Pierre-Paul is a solid draft choice. This pretty much guarantees that Osi is out the door, and if you’ve read my previous blogs, you would know that I’m completely ok with that. If Pierre-Paul is the real deal, our D-line will be back in form…if Tuck stays healthy. Plus the dude is an absolute freak when it comes to doing flips. I would love to see this guy pull a Joe Thiesman on Romo or the new  NFC East p*ssy quarterback Kevin Kolb.

2 Responses to “ESPN SUCKS!!!!”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    Hey – with a name like Jason Pierre-Paul if this football thing doesn’t work out he could always run for Pope.

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