Jo Just Speaking His Mind…

Joakim Noah on (city of) Cleveland: “There is nothing going on. It’s bad, man…Cleveland really sucks.”

Nothin’ like a dude who has no filter in press conferences. Hey, if they guy wants to talk sh*t about Cleveland, let him. Face it, Jo grew up in the greatest city in the world and attended the greatest high school of all time. No wonder he thinks Cleveland sucks. It’s funny that these comments have done nothing to do with the Bulls’ series against the Cavs. This is just Joakim speaking his mind. He’s not trying to spark a rivalry with the Cavs or even get LeBron pissed off (which he has done many times on the court). He just wants people to know that he doesn’t like the city of Cleveland. And to be honest, the guy has a point. Jacobs Field is alright and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty sweet. But what else is there?

2 Responses to “Jo Just Speaking His Mind…”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland ROCKS!. Go Browns, Go Cavs, Go Tribe – Go Cleveland State Vikings.

  2. […] The dude drops 38 in three quarters. That’s what happens when your city is soft. Once again, Joakim was right. Before last night’s game, I was extremely sympathetic towards the city. Every team in […]

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