I Want Ronaldo McClain.

Now when it comes to the NFL draft, I really don’t give a flying f*ck who goes where. I usually look at who was picked first, and who the Giants picked. That’s about it.

(On a side note, why does ESPN always go draft crazy THREE MONTHS before the draft. Literally, as soon as the BCS National Championship is over, Mel Kiper is all over my television screen blabbering something about the BroncosĀ  11th overall pick. Could absolutely care less. I also believe it’s absolute bullsh*t that the NFL draft is getting 90% of Sportscenter’s airtime while the NHL playoffs is just given short highlights. They seriously give Barry Melrose and Matthew Barnaby 20 seconds a night to talk about five playoff games. Really pissing me off.)

The Giants need a linebacker. With Antonio Pierce gone and Osi being a bitch, the GMen don’t have a true leader of the defense. Ronaldo McClain sounds like a guy who I can trust to lead our defense, even as a rookie. He has been involved in a pro-style aggressive 3-4 defense with Nick Saban and can make a smooth transition to the NFL. He was the leader of the national champion Crimson Tide since he was a freshman, plus he’s the overall the best inside linebacker on the board. Other teams that are interested in him are Jacksonville, Miami, Denver and Atlanta, who all pick ahead of the Giants. It seems that the GMen are the most interested in Rolando so hopefully he can fall back a couple of picks. If he’s drafted before the 15th pick, the Giants could draft the solid LB Sean Witherspoon out of Missouri, DE Jason Pierre-Paul out of USF (if the Giants pick Paul, goodbye Osi) or RB C.J Spiler out of Clemson (if picked, goodbye Brandon Jacobs). If the Giants draft any of these players, I’ll be satisfied…but I want Ronaldo McClain.

2 Responses to “I Want Ronaldo McClain.”

  1. Bteven Srooks Says:

    Rolando this Rolando that Burke…no matter what…as long as Rex Ryan is coaching the Jets, the Giants will be #2

  2. the Jets suck

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