Another Journalist Writes Why LeBron Shouldn’t Come to New York…Weird.

If I see one more article about why some no-name douchebag believes that LeBron shouldn’t come to the Knicks, I’m gonna flip out. If you seriously believe that New York wouldn’t benefit King James, you obviously haven’t been to this city. If LeBron signs with the Knicks, he will be a GOD in this town. When you are a superstar in New York, you have it made. If you’re a superstar in Cleveland, no one gives a f*ck. Reggie Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, Derek Jeter, Walt Frazier, Mark Messier. These guys ran sh*t in New York. Plus, because the Knicks have enough salary cap space to sign two prime-time players, King James can turn this team around in one season. Add Chris Bosh or Joe Johnson to play as James’ Scottie Pippen and you have a team competing for the top spot in the East. So any other sports writer who believes LeBron shouldn’t come to New York, sh*t the f*ck up and stay in your little unimportant town wherever you are. We all know you’re just bitter that New York has it all and you have jack sh*t. Go cry about it while New York once again becomes the capital of the basketball world.

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