NEW YORK (AP)—The New York Jets sure know how to make headlines. In their latest big move of a busy offseason, the Jets acquired talented but troubled wide receiver Santonio Holmes from the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night for a fifth-round pick in this month’s NFL draft. Jets owner Woody Johnson confirmed the deal Monday at the team’s camp in Cortland, N.Y.

Santonio Holmes for a fifth-rounder?? How does this happen? Does this mean the Giants can get Terrell Suggs for a 4th rounder or something? What’s with all these lopsided trades going to Gang Green? Are teams trying to make a juggernaut team for New York’s B- football franchise? C’mon!! Once again, let’s go Jerry Reese. Teams are making moves left and right and you’ve been sitting on your ass since the Rolle signing. This defense still needs work so I hope you’re working on something special for the draft.

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