Hey Papelbon, Tell Me How Granderson’s Ass Tastes

Fantastic start to the season. I’m loving how this team bounced back after a miserable Opening Night. Pettitte gives us a solid start, Granderson shows his power, and the bullpen shows that they aren’t too bad. Plus, the Yanks just took two of three at Fenway with Teixeira and ARod combining for only two hits. I gotta admit, I’m still not afraid of this Sox lineup. When the game went to extras, I felt that there was no way Boston was going to get a run. They seriously don’t have anyone who I believe can come through in the clutch. Of course this team is going to win a lot of games this season, but I just don’t feel like the Sox have that one hitter (like Manny or a juiced Big Papi) that puts fear in the Yanks. Think about it, the game was tied in the 9th yesterday with Big Papi up. The Yanks had righthander Chan-Ho Park on the mound with the lefty Marte in the pen. Instead of going to Marte to face Ortiz, Girardi stayed with the righthander. Hey Papi, the Yanks aren’t afraid of you anymore dude! Same goes with Papelbon. Keep throwing straight 95 mph c*ckshot fastballs. It really makes the game fun to watch.  Tomorrow the Yanks take on the Rays. Vazquez vs. Price. Should be a good game.

2 Responses to “Hey Papelbon, Tell Me How Granderson’s Ass Tastes”

  1. You should fear the rays not the red sox. It wont be a good game since the rays are gonna show the yanks what real baseball is all about not hitting 290 foot homers of the foul pole like posada.

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