Worst First Pitch All-Time?

First of all, he balked like three times. Really dude? Just come to a complete stop my man. This pitch seriously was a huge let down. I seriously thought this guy was a true athlete. When the lefty walked out, I thought he might bring some smoke. Two days ago, Obama beat Clark Kellogg in a game of HORSE! I wouldn’t call this the worst first pitch of all-time, but I would say this is the most disappointing. When you see Mariah Carey or other non-athletes walking out there, you’re not exactly expecting a two-seamer on the black. But when we have arguably the most athletic president of all-time, I’m looking for some heat.

Here are some of the worst first-pitches of all time:

One Response to “Worst First Pitch All-Time?”

  1. Obama is terrible.

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