This is baseball bro, not hockey. Looks like it was amateur hour over at Fenway last night. You really need a 5-year old to give you pep talks before games? In the words of Coach O’Farrell from Little Big League– “Go play around in the little owners’ box and stay off the field.” Plus, I love how the crowd was doing the wave in the eighth innning during a one-run ball game. Way to stay focused on your team.

Or how about Neil Diamond coming out of nowhere with his super confusing jacket? I’m still mind-f*cked.

One Response to “Really?”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    One can only aspire to be like Herb Brooks… If that herb brooks speech doesn’t pump you up you’re nuts… by the way, Brooks was a little older than 5 years old when he gave the speech… Way to rain on the Joseph Sacco’s parade though.. What are you gonna do next? Tell a bunch of 2nd graders at an elementary school that most of them won’t go to college? HA

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