Absolutely Embarrassing

What a great f*cking way to start the season. Yea I know it’s opening day, but I am already seeing some major problems with this bullpen. If Park wants to pitch in this city, he must realize that can’t happen ever again. Completely unacceptable performance. First, he falls behind Scutaro 3-0 and gives up a single. If you can’t get Marco out to start the inning, you’re done. Then you give up a two run pop fly to that little balding midget. And don’t get me started on Joba. I can’t stand his bitching about not being a starter. Shut up and do your job. Stop crying about not having it your way and throw the ball like you’re supposed to. Honestly, I’m not worried about this season, even with this awful performance. The lineup looked fantastic. I love Johnson in the two hole getting his walks. Granderson had a great debut. Even Gardner slapped the ball a little. The Yanks came into this season with one concern – the bullpen. This game pretty much showed this team’s greatest weakness.

Even with this suspect bullpen, this team needs to find ways to win. Clearly, the Yanks are a better team than Boston. Even the New York bullpen is better than Boston’s. The Yankees need to start utilizing their talent NOW. This team is too good to fail this early. But hey, maybe this will be like the ’98 team where they suck the first week, then wake up one morning and discover that they’re the greatest team ever. Let’s see what that crapshoot AJ brings to the table on Tuesday.

Btw, I love how Papelbon celebrated this game like it was the f*cking World Series. Maybe he should look across the diamond and check out the definition of CLASS.

4 Responses to “Absolutely Embarrassing”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Clearly the yankees are a better team than Boston.. thats why you guys won last night in grand fashion right? This blog is losing credibility fast with statements like that. The Yankees are good, don’t get me wrong. but CLEARLY BETTER???? incorrect

  2. yes clearly better. the sox lineup hasn’t been threatening since Manny left and Big Papi went off the juice. Yes, Youkilis and Martinez are good hitters, but am I afraid when they come up to bat? Nope. Once the Yankees rotation gets going, they can shut these guys down like they did the second half of last season. If anyone remembers, CC got shelled Opening Day last year against Baltimore. This rotation should dominate.

  3. bellarmine Says:

    Guys, guys relax it’s just one game – you can’t read anything positive or negative into one game of baseball. The sample size needs to get bigger, tendencies need to develop, weaknesses and strengths need time and repetition before they can be truly identified. They say in life you haven’t done it till you’ve done it twice – in baseball you haven’t done it till you’ve done 200 times.

  4. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Papelbon is supposed to act that way! Are you serious? Papelbon like many closers throughout the league is a high energy player who rightfully expressed his excitement for a good performance. It was refreshing to see a player care so much about a game especially in a time when so many players are only concerned with their next big contract. I for one was exstatic to see a player excited to win a game purely in the spirit of competition even more so in April than October. That is true love and passion for the game of baseball! Your tirade sounds simply like the thoughts of an irate child throwing a tempertantrum in a Toy’s R Us intead of an informative peice on baseball’s primiere opening day game.

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