Road for #28 Begins Sunday

First off, I think it would be awesome if the Yanks had their rings ceremony this Sunday at Fenway. Where better? While these Sox fans are trying to get last season out of their minds, let’s remind them how f*cking awesome we were in ’09. Let it linger throughout the park. Allow the Bostonians to witness the greatness of the Team of the Decade.

Now I can go on and on and tell you how important it is for the Yanks to start on the right foot, but that’s not really the case. Would I like for them to catch fire throughout the month of April? Of course. Is it the end of the world is they start a little rusty? Not at all. Face it, the Yanks lost their first eight games to the Sox last season and still finished a bajilion games ahead of Boston. So for me, this series will be a win-win situation for me. If the Yanks smoke the Sox, that’s great. If the Sox smoke the Yanks, it doesn’t really matter right now. Sox fans will get in my face and I can remind them of their eight valuable wins in the beginning of last season. Sunday game is at 8pm on ESPN.

2 Responses to “Road for #28 Begins Sunday”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Team of the decade? Are you F-ing high?

  2. 2 World Championships, 4 American League Pennants, 9 playoff appearances, 8 Division Titles, most wins in the MLB since 2000. Yes, TEAM OF THE DECADE

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