Worst Buzzer Beater of All-Time

Can someone please tell me why this tournament is on ESPN, let alone even televised? I can’t believe this was actually on national television PRIME TIME last night. Who wants to watch basketball where the players can’t even dunk?!?!?! I can name so many other sports that would be better than this horsesh*t. Give me the NCAA hockey tournament or even high school basketball for that matter. This is probably the worst play I have ever seen that results in a buzzer beater. First of all, after Xavier misses two layups, they decide not to play ANY defense on the final play. Second, I love how the Stanford player puts up the softest lay-up known to man in the final second. Nothing like a lucky lay-up to march into the final four! Get the f*ck off my television and give me a real sport to watch!

By the way, I love how it’s the elite eight and there’s like 800 fans at the game. hahahahaha!

4 Responses to “Worst Buzzer Beater of All-Time”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    I LOVVVVEEEEE watching fundamentals!

  2. if you want to watch fundamentals, watch Duke basketball. i don’t think you can call missing two layups in a row “fundamentals”

  3. Why are you picking on the girls???

  4. im not picking on girls. i just don’t want to watch shitty basketball

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