Countdown of Top 5BS Moments Returning Tomorrow

The top 20 countdown of the top 5BS moments took a little spring break for the past couple of weeks, but the countdown will return tomorrow. Only five moments left dudes!!! Given the fact that this countdown is only from 1990-present, I wasn’t able to put some of my top moments from the 1980s, take the 1986 Super Bowl. But who gives a f*ck. This is my blog and I can write whatever the hell I want. Last night, I was watching “America’s Game: The story of 1986 Giants” and I gotta say, this dvd gives me chills. Phil Simms was simply unstoppable. Here is an except from the final seven minutes of the film talking about Phil Simms and his legendary Super Bowl performance.

3 Responses to “Countdown of Top 5BS Moments Returning Tomorrow”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    I get choked up every time I see those missed field goals. It was without a doubt the best football game I ever witnessed.

  2. Mike Murray Says:

    “I always put Phil Simms on the pass list, just in case.”

  3. bellarmine Says:

    at 5:01 in the tape there is the “Dad…..” sign and in front of the sign there is a guy clapping two items together – Super Bowl XXI seat cushions ….ahhh the memories.

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