…And Now My Bracket is Officially F*cked

So after the first day, I knew my bracket was done. With Georgetown and Notre Dame gone, I was pretty much done. But after Kansas’ loss today, this has officially gone down as the worst bracket in “burkeny” history. (I had Kansas going all the way) I mean, is college basketball really that bad?? You’re telling me Northern Iowa is able to tear apart the supposedly “impossible to beat” Jayhawks?? Now it seems that the only legitimate team in Division I is Kentucky.

Also, no need to mention anything about Wake. If they decide not to show up and have some pride, they don’t deserve to be on 5BS.

2 Responses to “…And Now My Bracket is Officially F*cked”

  1. ron burgundy Says:

    I let Baxter pick my bracket, haven’t missed yet. A million dollars can throw a few classy parties. Stay classy

  2. bellarmine Says:

    Now comes the tough part – are these teams for real?? Before this past weekend how much time do you think Kansas spent going over video on Northern Iowa? But now every team has a chance to look closely at their opponent’s recent body of work and I don’t think they’ll be taking anyone too lightly. Now it gets interesting….

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