Shut Your Mouth Cheryl Miller

(Which Miller is uglier?)

Last night’s “Winning Time” documentary was amazing. It brought me right back to the great Knicks moments of the 90’s. It reminded me it was like when NBA players actually cared about the sport: guys like Anthony Mason, John Starks, Dale Davis, and Rick Smits. This was back when the NBA was tough and players actually played something called DEFENSE. Even though I loved the Knicks, I respected the sh*t out of Reggie Miller. The dude was one of the most clutch shooters in the game’s history. Even when he beat the Knicks, I always admired his determination. Obviously I hated him when he beat us, but he was seriously great during these epic playoff battles. I always was in awe of his domination. Anyway, about Cheryl Miller. Yes, she was probably the greatest women’s basketball player of all time. But she was so f*cking annoying during this beautiful documentary! When talking about Patrick Ewing’s missed layup in Game 7 of the 1995 playoffs, do you have to keep repeating,  “He missed it?! He missed it?! He missed it?!” ??????  How about this Cheryl! Let’s talk about Reggie Miller’s final second shot in the ’94 eastern conference finals! Did he miss it Cheryl? Did he? Did he? He DID you b*tch! And then he cried like a baby after his team lossed. Let me tell you now. Reggie beat the Knicks in ’95, but that was it. All the other years, New York dominated his ass. So guess what Reggie? Guess what Cheryl? New York will always be better you.

5 Responses to “Shut Your Mouth Cheryl Miller”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Reggie Miller is in VanillaICE’s top 5 favorite players of all time… Bout time he got some recognition

  2. peter north Says:

    love the anger

  3. peter north Says:

    ______________ l )
    ______________ ) – – – – – – – – — – – facial
    l_ )

  4. bellarmine Says:

    This is the only time you’ll see someone wearing a UCLA jersey with their arm around someone wearing a USC jersey.

  5. ron burgundy Says:

    been too long since my last post. i had no idea who cheryl miller was today and she has no right to ruin a perfectly good documentary about a new york team losing at the hands of a crybaby. stay classy

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