I Almost Forgot What It Feels Like To Win

I can’t remember the last time I watched the Islanders on television actually win a hockey match. Down in North Carolina, they have been on TV three times since January. Two of the times were against the Flyers, which obviously meant they lost. The other was against the Hurricanes, and that didn’t end too well either. I would have to go back to January 6 when the Isles defeated the Avalanche in Denver. Man it feels good to watch a victory!! I couldn’t believe the Islanders actually got a shorthanded goal. I find it lucky whenever this team actually scored a PP goal, let alone a shorthanded one. Great job by D-Roll getting his first win against the Devils EVER. Still not expecting any playoffs this season, but it would be nice to stack up some late season wins to show this league we ain’t too bad.

Now let’s take a step back and remember one of the greatest Islander games of all time. Is that bellarmine in the crowd?

One Response to “I Almost Forgot What It Feels Like To Win”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    Now THAT was a New York Moment – back when 15 wins in a row meant something – no Overtimes and No Shoot outs – you either won in regulation or you went away tied. It wasn’t a 15 game ‘undefeated’ streak – it was a 15 game ‘Winning’ streak. If it had happened at Madison Square Garden ESPN would be doing a 30-30 documentary on it and Disney would’ve made it into a feature length film.

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