At Least They Gave Me A Game…

So I have already accepted the fact that the Islanders will never win a game I attend, but last night was the closest they’ve ever came. The Isles lost last night in a shootout against the Blues, but I had a fantastic time. First, the Isles actually had the lead going into the second period. With only being ten rows back of the ice, I had a clear view of Moulson’s first period goal. First time all season I’ve witnessed an Islander lead. Third period was pretty excting as well. With a couple of impressive power-play killings, I was feeling pretty good with about the team’s improvement. Overall, it was a pretty solid low-scoring game with a horrendous shootout. When it came time for the shootout, the Isles decided to give the game to the Blues as quickly as possible. St. Louis scored on two simple shootout goals while the Isles didn’t even look like they were trying to score. But hey, it’s always a blast going to the Coliseum. Maybe next season my luck will turn around.

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