#7: (1990) “Wide Right!”

Coming off three disappointing seasons after their miraculous Super Bowl run in ’86, the New York Giants headed into the 1990 season with high expectations. The Giants still had their core defense with LT, Banks, and Pepper Johnson. Plus, with rookie runningback Rondey Hampton and a group of talented wide receivers, the GMen were ready to make another run at the title. At the start of the season, Big Blue were on fire winning their first ten games. Their final six games, however, were disappointing. Phil Simms suffered a broken leg and was out for the remainder of the season. Carl Banks broke his left arm and had to sit out for five weeks. The GMen also lost to the two-time defending Super Bowl champion 49ers and the hated Eagles at the Vet. Even with three loses, the Giants were still able to earn the 2-seed in the playoffs. After destroying the Bears in the Divisional Round, Big Blue headed out to San Francisco to meet the 49ers once again. In the 4th quarter, down by two with ten minutes left, Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall knocked quarterback Joe Montana out of the game in what was perhaps one of the hardest hits in NFL history. After a crucial 49er fumble, the Giants seized their opportunity to win the game. Giants’ quarterback Jeff Hostetler marched the GMen down the field to set up a Matt Bahr field goal to send the Giants back to the Super Bowl.

Opposing the Giants in Super Bowl XXV were the heavily favored Buffalo Bills. The Bills had an offensive powerhouse consisting of future Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Andre Reed. Their defense wasn’t too shabby with all-pro defensive end Bruce Smith and linebackers Cornelius Bennett and Darryl Talley. With this explosive offense, Giants defensive coordinator Bill Belichick had a plan to stop this Buffalo scoring machine. He told his defense that in order to win the Super Bowl, Thurman Thomas was going to have to run for 100 yards. The Giants were going to try to stop the pass and allow the run. The Bills got off to a strong start, but their offense wasn’t as sharp as the previous two playoff games. Plus, the Giants’ offense held on to the ball for long periods of time, which kept the Bill offense off the field. After a couple of crucial drives, the Giants kept themselves in the game and ultimately took a 20-19 lead in the fourth quarter. With under two minutes to go, the Bills were driving down the field quickly. Finally, the Giants were about to stop them on the 30 yard line, setting up a field goal opportunity for Bills kicker Scott Norwood. In one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history, Norwood missed the 47 yard field goal just a couple of inches to the right. The Giants had completed the upset and had earned their second Super Bowl in five seasons.

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