Rate This Fantasy Baseball Roster…

So we just concluded our “Kangaroo Court” fantasy baseball draft and I gotta say, great freakin’ draft. I’m glad to see how the passion in our league. Right now I’m allowing all members of the league to talk about their roster. As for my team, here is the official roster of 5 Borough Sports…

C: Matt Wieters, BAL

1B: Ryan Howard, PHI

2B: Howie Kendrick, LAA

3B: Michael Young, TEX

SS: Elvis Andrus, TEX

OF: Justin Upton, ARI

OF: Adam Jones, BAL

OF: Ryan Ludwick, STL

UT: Vladimir Guerrero, TEX

SP: Dan Haren, ARI

SP: Matt Cain, SF

SP: Andy Pettitte, NYY

RP: Brian Wilson, SF

RP: Ryan Madson, PHI

Should be a good freak’n season…

4 Responses to “Rate This Fantasy Baseball Roster…”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Sucks… enough said

  2. VanillaICE Says:

    By the way, I heard that this young manager, about 12 years old, has this unbelievable team… Kid by the name of Billy Haywood. Keep an eye on him, kids balls havent even dropped and he’s already a front runner for the title

  3. Mike Murray Says:

    seems like a decent team, a bit worse than Fat Albert’s roster

  4. A Bill Haywood needs to speak his mind…

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