Really A-Rod??

I respect the sh*t out of A-Rod, but really man? What the f*ck are you wearing??? C’mon dude! He looks like Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World with that weird-ass vest. This is up there with those totally awesome GQ pictures (below).  That’s not homosexual at all. Maybe people wouldn’t hate him as much if he was actually a semi-normal human being. First Yankee Spring Training game tomorrow against Pittsburgh. Get pumped.

5 Responses to “Really A-Rod??”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    Hey – leave A-Rod alone – who do you want at third, the manly David Wright?? The guy can wear whatever he wants as long as he hits!

  2. i agree with that. but he could make his life a helluva lot easier if he tried to stay out the spotlight with his crazy wardrobe. im calling him out cause i want the season to be as stress free as possible

  3. The guy you should really want at third is Larry ‘Chipper” Jones. I mean why is A-rod viewed as one of the best hitters int the game when he only hit in the .280s last year and only occasionally gives you a .300 season. He isn’t even the main guy for the Yankees, their game changer was Melky Cabrera and now that he’s gone, the yankees will be exposed.

  4. bellarmine Says:

    Yes, Melky was the main cog in the Yankee machine last year, who didn’t know that? Now what will we do with all of those “Got Melky?” T-Shirts?

  5. Speedy Gonzalez Says:

    1. A-rod rakes
    2. These pics are embarrassing
    3. He’ll always be in Jeter’s shadow… suck it A-rod

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