Shout Out Of The Week

Sid the Kid. The dude has a resume that consists of an NHL MVP, a Stanley Cup (youngest captain ever to win the cup), and an Olympic Gold Medal ALL under the age of 22. After scoring the game-winning overtime goal in what was perhaps the greatest hockey game since 1980, Sidney Crosby is close to putting his name in the same category as The Great One. When Gretzky was 22, he wasn’t close to having this kind of resume. Undoubtedly, this guy has the potential to be the greatest of all time.

6 Responses to “Shout Out Of The Week”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    El Sid. What a series but I also thought that kid Zach Parise from the USA had a terrific series as well. Now the big question is what will the NHL do with all this great publicity.

  2. VanillaICE Says:

    FBS continues to amaze me with its anti-patriotism… Here you have a chance to give American goaltender Ryan Miller a shout out for his stellar performance in the Olympics as he was the MVP of the tournament yet you choose a Canadian…. unbelievable

  3. SetHut27 Says:

    i think you should stop with the hockey stuff–it might be exciting with the fights and i know you like the islanders but there is no way you can put hockey in the top 20 events of new york of all time. Even if you were to just put a regular article about it noone knows enough about it to care. The blog is great burke less, fucking hockey

  4. Chuck Norris Says:

    Lets try giving a shout out to America next week. Maybe the whole country maybe just a citizen. Please Just no more terrorists.

    PS I’m pumped for baseball season on the FSB but I’m a little worried….lets not go too far south and start giving the Caribbean shout-outs

  5. Do you know what age he was when he was put on this card? Doing a project, must know must know.

  6. it says the card is from 1993. he was born in ’87 so he was either 5 or 6

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