#10: “Oh, Hang On To The Roof!!!!”

Don Mattingly was one of the most beloved New York athletes of all-time. During his time with the Yankees, Donnie Baseball put together some miraculous seasons that were Hall of Fame worthy. The Yanks, on the other hand, struggled during Mattingly’s career. From 1982-1994, the Yankees failed to reach the postseason, despite Donnie’s six all-star selections, nine gold gloves, ’85 AL MVP selection, and .307 batting average. Finally, the Yanks were back on top in 1994; however, due to the player’s strike in August, the playoffs were canceled. Many believed that 1995 would be Mattingly’s last season, his final chance for a ring. The Yankees failed to win the division, but clinched a wild-card birth on the season’s final day. In Game 1 of the Divison Series against the Mariners, the Stadium erupted anytime Donnie got up to the plate. The sound was absolutely deafening. In his first at-bat of his postseason career, Mattingly hit a single to right field, but it wasn’t until Game 2 when Mattingly gave us our moment. In the bottom of 6th in a tie game, Mattingly hit a solo shot into the right field bleachers. With all of 56,000 fans pulling for Mattingly, the place went into a state of frenzy. Once Donnie hit the shot, announcer Gary Thorne yelled, “Oh, hang on to the roof!” Everytime I watch this moment, it’s impossible for me not to get goosebumps. Here is a guy who meant so much for this city, but couldn’t reach October baseball. Finally, when his opportunity came, he delivered. Despite losing in five games to Seattle, Mattingly posted a .417 playoff average with 6 RBI. Donnie Baseball will always be a legend here at 5BS.


4 Responses to “#10: “Oh, Hang On To The Roof!!!!””

  1. If they only had the Wild Card earlier in his career he would have had a lot more post season appearances. During his years the Yankees were perennial second place finishers in the AL but that didn’t get them the AL East crown. By comparison four World Series Champions have come out of the Wild Card since it started in ’95 (Marlins twice ’97 and ’03, Angels in ’02 and Red Sox in ’04).

  2. So true. In 1985, the Yanks were so hot in the month of September. They climbed all the way back to only 2 games behind Toronto in the AL EAST by the end of the season. Due to having no wild card, the Yanks’ season was over.

  3. SetHut27 Says:

    great article, definetly put its place as #6 or even in the Top 10..he is one of the greatest legends ever to come out of the best franchise in baseball history. Its terrible that he didnt win a ring with those numbers but he will definetly be known all time as one of the greats. Your putting this top 20 in a great order. IF I SEE ONE MORE HOCKEY THING IN THE TOP 10 I WILL FIND A WAY TO DELETE THIS BLOG

  4. i will cut down on the hockey, especially since the Isles have gone downhill this season. there will still be some hockey articles in the future but not as many.

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