“Big Fan”…Go See It Now.

Just watched a solid film called “Big Fan” directed by Robert Siegal and starring Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrigan and Michael Rappaport. Any movie about a die-hard Giants fan is obviously going to be praised by 5BS. In this film, Paul Aufiero is a 35 year-old parking garage attendent who lives with his mother in Staten Island. He worships the Giants and speaks as a caller on a local sports radio station about the upcoming Giants games. Throughout the film, he develops a rivalry with “Philadelphia Phil,” a caller on the same station from Philly. One night with his friend Sal, Paul sees his favorite Giant Quantrel Bishop at a restaurant in Staten Island. Paul and Sal decide to follow Quantrel to a Manhattan night club where Paul decides to introduce himself to his hero. After Quantrel thinks Paul is stalking him, he severely beats him at the club sending Paul to the hospital. And that is all I will tell you. Go watch the movie ASAP. You’ll enjoy it.

3 Responses to ““Big Fan”…Go See It Now.”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Sounds like a real winner…. (insert most sarcastic voice here)

  2. Oscar nominated

  3. bellarmine Says:

    Man that guy is UGLY!! He looks like a French soccer fan.

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