Shout Out of the Week

Definitely has to be the “Uh-uh” guy. The dude didn’t shut up once the entire game! Was he annoying? Yes. But I’ve never seen more of a passionate fan at a college baseball game ever in my life. Plus this guy was getting non-stop heat from the opposing team’s fans. They were mocking and yelling back at him all game. So what did he do about it? Shook it off and stepped his game up a notch. A guy with that dedication deserves to be the shout out this week. WHAT IT IS my man!!!!!! WHAT IT IS!!!

3 Responses to “Shout Out of the Week”

  1. I believe the correct spelling is “Uh-Huh”. As in “yes, I am affirming my previous statement”. He may be a ‘one trick pony’ but he certainly turns that trick with pride and enthusiasm.

  2. ron burgundy Says:

    we have to go to charlotte later in the year uh huh… gonna get really annoyed again uh huh. stay classy uh huh

  3. WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!

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