#15: (2004) Jeter’s Diving Catch into the Stands

Hands down the greatest play in Yankee history for as long as I know. In the middle of the 2004 season, the Yankees were trying to separate themselves from the rest of the American League East. In a crucial mid-summer series against the Red Sox, one play completely shifted the momentum of the 2004 season. In the 12th inning of a 3-3 game, Red Sox pinch hitter Trot Nixon came to the plate with runners of 2nd and 3rd. Nixon hit a pop up near foul territory that was hard for any fielder to reach. Out of nowhere, Jeter ran down to the foul line and caught the ball while running full speed into the crowd. After holding onto the ball and crashing into a seat, Jeter was banged up. With cuts all over his face, he was taken out of the game. He had sacrificed his body in order to give his team an opportunity to win. Talk about a true captain. This play was so good, it turned into an advertisement. (see below)

2 Responses to “#15: (2004) Jeter’s Diving Catch into the Stands”

  1. Derek Jeter embodies the banner statement of “5 Boroughs Sports”.
    “Derek Jeter…enough said”

  2. VanillaICE Says:


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