Definitely Worth Stayin Up For…

Nothing like watching a hockey game from midnight to 2:30 in the morning. Especially when I see this kind of domination from my boys from the CCCP. Even if was against lowly Latvia, Ovechkin and Malkin were lots o’ fun to watch. Latvia’s goaltender pretty much gave up in the third period. When Latvia scored their first goal of the game early in the 3rd, Russia made sure they would regret it. In a span of like 8 seconds, the Soviets scored three goals and left Latvia home crying. Now for the rest of the tournament, it seems like Canada is going to be very tough. Russia needs to improve their defense and Nabokov can’t sleep at the net anymore. Time to step up their game and dominate of the Czechs and Slovs.

I love how after the game Fedorov praised Sweden and Canada and absolutely snubbed the Okposo-less Americans. Awesome stuff.

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