#19: (1993) Miracle of ’93 – Isles Incredible Playoff Run

After the Stanley Cup seasons of the early to mid-1980s, the Islanders faded fast. From 1987-1992, the Isles did not reach the 80 point mark once. All-Pro forward Pat Lafontaine wanted off the Island and the front office was in disarray. In 1992, however, one trade changed the Islanders for the next two seasons. The Isles traded Lafontaine to the Sabres for Pierre Turgeon, Benoit Hogue, Uwe Krupp, and Dave McLwain. With Ray Ferraro and Glenn Healy, the Islanders had the weapons to make some serious damage in the postseason. In the 1992-1993 season, Turgeon broke out as one of the top scorers in the league. The Isles finished the season with 87 points earning the 6th seed in the Wales Conference. In the first round against the Capitals, Ferraro broke out as a playoff hero. Two overtime goals put the Isles in a spot for a major upset. In Game 6 with the Islanders up 3-2 in the series, Pierre Turgeon took control and scored the series-clinching goal. While celebrating the goal, Caps center Dale Hunter checked Turgeon, separating Pierre’s shoulder. Turgeon would be out for the second round, but it didn’t stop the Isles. Playing against the back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the Islanders shocked the hockey world. Coming into the series, the Penguins were heavily favored to march through the playoffs and win their third-straight Cup. With Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, and Ron Francis, the Pens had by far the best front-line in the league. In an outstanding seven game series, David Volek scored for the Isles with 5:16 left in overtime in Game 7, sending the Islanders to the Wales Conference Finals. Against the Canadiens in the next round, the Isles fell short in 5 games. With Turgeon back in the lineup, the Islanders fought hard forcing two of the five games into OT. Even though the 92-93 team didn’t make it to the promise land, this was a team for the ages. As Islander-great Bobby Nystrom said, “The ’93 Islanders was a team that made us all proud.”

3 Responses to “#19: (1993) Miracle of ’93 – Isles Incredible Playoff Run”

  1. Dale Hunter – I noticed you didn’t show his cheap shot that took Turgeon out of the playoffs. He claimed he didn’t know Turgeon had scored. Yeah everybody raises their arms and dances on the ice after the goalie makes a save on their shot, I could see why he was confused. These replays make me want to see the Isles back on top again!

  2. it seems that whenever the Islanders are on a playoff run, someone throws a cheap shot. In the first round of 2002 playoffs, the Isles and Leafs were tied 2-2 against the Maple Leafs and in Game 5 Darcy Tucker hit team captain Michael Peca below the knee and tore his ACL. The Islanders went on to lose the series in seven games.

  3. bull sh*t he didn’t know turgeon scored! he hit him almost 6 seconds after the goal. scumbag

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