Top 20 Moments in New York Sports Over the Past 20 Years

So this is the time when the New York sports season gets a little slow. Yes, I know spring training is coming up and the Knicks are back on schedule this week, but other than that, there’s not that much. So I’m going to take these next 20 days to give you the top 20 moments in New York Sports history since 1990, according to 5BS. Just to let everyone know, there will be no Rangers’ 94′ Stanley Cup games, Jets playoff games, or the Mets’ few good playoff moments. No room on this list for those small moments!

In other news, pitchers and catchers are reporting in two days. Before we know it, it will be April 4…Yanks vs. Sox. “Guido Sensation” guy knows what’s gonna happen that day!!!!

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