Getting Back on Track

This was a desperately needed come-from-behind victory. Down 2-1 in the second, captain Doug Weight came through and shifted the momentum with his first goal of the season. Even though it wasn’t the best game for Marty, he was able to keep the Isles in the came and allow the offense to do their work. The playoffs are still a long-shot. It looks like in order to make the playoffs, the 8th seed will need 87 points. That means the Isles will have to go 14-6-1 the rest of the way. After the Ottawa game tomorrow, the Islanders will get a two-week break, with the exception of Mark Streit (he’s playing for Switzerland in the Olympics) The youngsters will definitely benefit from these days off. Bailey can rest his upper body injury and Tavares can rejuvenate.  JT only has one goal in 23 games and it seems that he’s getting worn out in his rookie season. I believe that this rest will help him break out of this slump and get back to his scoring ways. If the Isles win tomorrow, things will certainly look promising for March.

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