Gallo and Nate Representin’

Tonight there will be some good Knicks representation for the Slam Dunk Contest, Rookie-Sophomore game, and the 3-point competition. My boy, Danillo Gallinari will be competing in boy the 3-point contest and the Rookie-Sophomore game. Nate Robinson will try to defend his title and become the first three-time dunk contest champion. Nate might not be the best team player, but at least he has been the Knicks highlight during the All-Star break the last couple of years. It’s sad to say, but his dunk contest championships have been the biggest highlights for the Knicks this decade. It’s going to be exciting watching Gallo in the three-point contest. Personally, I’m more of a fan of the three-pointers and it will be awesome to see him catch on fire. If Nate or Gallo wins tonight, 5Bs will certainly be rockin tonight!!!

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