Giants Release Pierce

Like I said last month, I have no sympathy for any defensive player getting cut. Pierce had a fantastic four years for the Giants. Last season? Not so much. This is just part of the transition of returning the defense to utter dominance. We must get rid of the injured veterans in order to move on from last season. Tony will always be a Giant. He was the leader of the defense and was one of the key contributors to the Giants’ 2007 championship season. His career, however, has declined. He hasn’t been healthy since 2007 and missed over half of last season. With his current neck injury, his career is even in jeopardy. Now a former-Giant, I hope Pierce can rejuvenate his career somewhere else in this league. If he’s healthy, he still has a couple of years left in the tank.

3 Responses to “Giants Release Pierce”

  1. Going to miss him – he was smart- when he went down there was no one out there who knew how to call the defensive signals and the defense went into the toilet. He definitely was not the problem, so now they need to get someone in there who is capable of assuming his role and begin the re-building of the defense.

  2. The Giants are on the downfall and may possibly never make the playoffs again.

  3. nice attitude braves! you shouldn’t be talkin till the Panthers win a super bowl!

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