Now Back to Reality…

If there was ever a game the Isles could’ve beaten the Penguins, it was last night. The Isles completely outplayed Pittsburgh last night constantly putting pressure on the defense and out-shooting them 38-28. But good teams know how to win, even if they don’t bring their A-game. The Penguins took advantage of their few scoring chances, while the Isles didn’t capitalize on almost all of theirs. Fleury had an unbelievable game after slumping the last two. One play in the first period show me why the Penguins are so good: Moulson had a wide-open backhand near the net and Fleury was out of position. Out of nowhere, defenseman Kris Letang dove in front of the net and saved a goal. These are the plays winners make. Like I said before, this was a lackluster game by the Pens, but they found a way to win. Let’s hope the Isles get this good in a couple of years.

Another note, congrats to Matt Martin on his first NHL fight and completely dominating Tyler Kennedy! (above)

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