Get Out Of This Town…Seriously, get out.

What the f*** was that?!?!? Let’s have a great first half then not even show up for the second! This is pathetic. To the Bucks?!?!?! Get out of this city. This city doesn’t give up. This city doesn’t let down. We have WINNERS here. Not a bunch of guys who have NO pride, NO respect, and NO work-ethic. This is getting embarrasing. It’s been SIX years since the Knicks made the playoffs. NINE years since they won a playoff game. Who are we? A team from middle-of-nowhere America?? This is f***’n NEW YORK!!!! We want guys who want to play and represent this city with pride. Not a bunch of losers who want to play a f***’n pick-up basketball game. Every New York Knick should get out of this town TONIGHT and never come back. Bring in a new team for next year and have them play NEW YORK basketball!!

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