Shut The F*** Up

“I’m not going to be a back up player, I can promise you that,” Umenyiora said. “I’ll stop playing football before I do that ever again. This has been just the worst offseason of my entire life. I can’t even think of a time when things were this bad during the offseason. You’re supposed to be relaxing, but I can’t relax because all I can think of is the things that took place last season, you understand? So for me it’s not something that I’m going to do. If I’m asked to come back there and do that then I’ll just stop playing football.”

Are you serious?! Since when can Osi start talking like he’s a freaking superstar? Is it me, or was the Giants defense ranked 30th in the league last year? Who on that fantastic defense has the right to threaten anyone if they don’t start?? As of now, NO job is safe on the defense. If Osi gets cut, I would have no sympathy for him. I appreciate his efforts two years ago when helping the GMen reach the promise land, but after last season, he deserves to be on a soap opera, rather than on the starting defensive line. There was a reason he was benched after the horrendous Thanksgiving game in Denver. The guy seriously did NOTHING for the Giants all season. Stop crying you little bitch! Shut up and get the f*** ready for training camp.

3 Responses to “Shut The F*** Up”

  1. typical of a new york player… causing drama

  2. bellarmine Says:

    Osi is just venting – he’ll be OK once this new coordinator takes over. He (and you) have to remember it takes two years to come back from a knee ligament tear – especially if your expected to rush the QB. He’s not playing touch football out there. I quote: “NFL scouts have a general rule (that) says it takes a year to get back and two years to be back to full speed.”

  3. that’s true. but he still shouldn’t threaten anyone. No matter what injury he’s recovering from, in the NFL it’s all about performance. If you don’t perform, even because of an injury, you don’t play. End of story.

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