Don’t Get Your Hopes Up…

“Everyone should be hitting the panic button at this point.”

– Al Harrington after Sunday’s loss

Don’t worry. I hit that button a long time ago. I am going to save some stress and not have any expectations for tonight’s game against the Wizards at the Garden. Let’s forget about what the Knicks have been doing on the court for a little bit. Instead, let’s discuss the internal problems this team has had this week. Now I trust Mike D’Antoni completely. He is a great coach with one of the worst teams in the league. But playing Jonathan Bender over Larry Hughes?? C’mon! Now Hughes is demanding to be traded or released and is becoming as much of a cancer as Starbury was last year. Chris Duhon needs to get out of town. How is it possible to play 30+ minutes a game and score ZERO points??

And let me make one thing loud and clear about next season- KING JAMES IS NOT COMING TO NEW YORK! Everyone get that through your heads and move on. I would have no problem getting rid of every member of this team with the exception of Gallo, DLee, and Chandler. If the they add guys like Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh, Knicks fans will have something to cheer about next year. As for now, all I can do is continue to root for this flustered team to somehow strive for the playoffs. No need to root for a good lottery pick this year. Isiah screwed that up in ’03 when trading for Marbury! Game is tonight at 7:30 on MSG.

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