Rangers acquire Jokinen…And I’m Lovin’ It!

This is great! Olli Jokinen has just joined the continuing list of washed-out, over-priced acquisitions by the blue-shirted d-bags. Jokinen will allow the Rangers to once again become of  the greatest teams on paper, but continue to have the worst chemistry in the league. As an Isles fan, I’m a true supporter of Glen Sather. This is like the Yankees from 2004-2008. Just add the best players available and put them out on the field and see what happens! As a member of the Panthers, Jokinen was an NHL superstar. In four out of his six years in Florida, he scored 30+ goals. This season, Jokinen has a wopping 6 goals in an incredible 28 games. He also has the NHL record for most regular season games played without participating in the postseason. So Ranger fans, go support your next bust and get ready for a very disappointing rest of the season. SUCK IT!

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