Could This Week Go Any Worse?

Over the course of the past seven days, I’ve witnessed both the Knicks and the Islanders slowly and painfully diminish their chances of making the postseason. The Isles have lost their past four games and have gained no points in ten days. The Knicks have lost three of their past four games and are currently 5 and a half games out of the 8th spot. Even though the Islanders are only two points out of the last playoff seed, their poor play in the past four games has given me little hope they are going to turn things around anytime soon. (They are currently down 2-0 in the 3rd to the Panthers as I’m writing this) But hey, these weeks happen. Who knows? Maybe the Isles will miraculously turn things around before the break. Maybe the Knicks will go on an incredible run just like in 2000 and somehow make the playoffs. Teams sometimes only need one play to snap out of funks. For my sanity, I’ll be praying for that one play to happen very very soon.

3 Responses to “Could This Week Go Any Worse?”

  1. Dude just know that there is always tomorrow. I want to see some happy posts on this blog sometime soon.

  2. bellarmine Says:

    Everything could always get worse. You could keep losing.

  3. Don’t worry TK. I’m trying to find some happy news out there. Too bad EVERYBODY keeps losing. Knicks lost another one last night, while the Isles lost their 5th straight. It seems like everything IS getting worse.

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