Shout Out of the Week

Just to let everyone know, since Wednesday my computer has had a severe virus and is currently at Information Systems. Since Wednesday, TIM KING has allowed me to use his laptop for the past three days. Due to his significant contributions to 5BS, I gotta give it to my man TK as this week’s “Shout Out of the Week.”

O yea, just to let everyone know – get ready for TK and other knowledge sports experts to guest write on 5BS in the near future.

3 Responses to “Shout Out of the Week”

  1. bellarmine Says:


  2. Love the drawing of TK! It really looks like him.

  3. […] than the original XBox, so it was impossible for me to purchase this game. Fortunately, my roommate Tim King owns a PlayStation 3. When we got home from Christmas Break last year, Tim brought NHL 10 to the […]

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