Isles lose to Flyers…and the Streak Continues

This really sucks. I hate the Flyers. I don’t hate them as much as the blue-shirted d-bags, but it’s close.  And even worse, the Isles have lost 14 straight to Philly. That means it’s been two years since the Isles won against the Flyers. Two weeks ago, I thought this team had promise to make a surge and storm into serious playoff contention. Even though,  the Isles still have a very realistic of making the postseason, the team is going in the wrong direction. For the past three games, the Isles have done a phenomenal impression of last year’s abysmal team. They’ve been outscored 13-4 and are showing no signs of improvement. What the team needs right now is a few days off and to regroup. Too bad that as we speak, the team is headed to Coral Springs to play the Panthers tomorrow nigh at 4pm.

Just like every young, promising team, the Isles will show signs of greatness and even more signs of inexperience. When there are 19, 20, and 21 year olds on the front line, there will be times of ugly hockey. Hopefully the Isles can snap out of this horrendous play and perform like they were in the beginning of the month. Isles at Panthers tomorrow at 4pm.

2 Responses to “Isles lose to Flyers…and the Streak Continues”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    There is a big long Olympic break coming up – if time off is what they need then that should do it.

  2. the olympic break might be too late. they need to change things up before that

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