Isles Rocked by Caps; Hillen out 6-8 weeks

Could last night go any worse? Not only did the Islanders not even show up last night, defensemen Jack Hillen got nailed in the jaw by an Alexander Ovechkin 100+ mph slap shot and is out until March. The Isles gave up four goals in the first period and were never able to get back in the game. Even though this was one of the worst performances this season for Isles, there were some bright moments. Tavares is starting to get back on track after assisting Okposo’s 12th goal of the season in the third period. Also, the Isles were able to keep Ovechkin in check. Even though everyone EXCEPT Ovechkin scored for the Capitals, the Islanders were able to shut down arguably the best player in the NHL. Clearly the Islanders lost this game because of their weak defense, which has been its number one problem all season. Prospect Dustin Kohn was just called up this morning to replace Hillen and hopefully will spark the lackluster defense. Isles travel to Carolina tomorrow. Game time is at 7pm.

2 Responses to “Isles Rocked by Caps; Hillen out 6-8 weeks”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    Yea but I think Ovechkin had something like six shots on goal.

  2. it was actually 10 shots. i have no idea how he didn’t score. but no points is NO POINTS!

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